Aside 13 Sep

Day 596


Hey Elle, You rock but today, little Sammy Horowitz stole the show! Your Erica, E- OUT!


Locked Out Of Ellen….

24 Apr

Day/Email 464


Hey Elle, the good news today was good… for your audience. But, how about me? I will admit it feels good to see good things happen to other people but it feels even better when good things happen to you (meaning me). If I were in your audience I would have felt the love but getting tickets makes me think the is no love. Then, I was cracking up when watching your video:( audience members singing Bruno Mars’ Locked Out of Heaven…yes, some to that singing warranted the lock down of the pearly gates!!! But as fun as it is to watch the good stuff on you show from the comfort of my living room I would really appreciate a door (even the doggy entrance) being opened up for me…cuz, I am feeling “Locked Out of Ellen!” Your Erica, E-Out!’

Aside 3 Mar

Ellen, I’m disappointed.

Let me back-up a moment here. As a boy growing-up, I always felt 10 times worse when my Mom, “I’m not mad…I’m just so disappointed.” For some reason anger meant I was daring, pushing the envelope, etc. Disappointment meant I was a failure. 

So, I’m not angry that even though Erica has stated a goal (to get your attention and have a chance to write for you) and actually demonstrated commitment and follow-through by writing everyday for over a year, I’m just disappointed.

 It seems that every day we hear people wondering aloud why almost every mainstream media outlet is so grossly slanted in the negative direction (check-out the evening news in any part of the country, it’s an overview of who got shot, laid-off or generally screwed). Ironically, it never changes. Indeed it seems to get worse, why? Most psychologists say it’s pretty clear, it’s reassuring and nice to see people who are worse off than us. My life might be crappy but at least it’s not as bad as so-so, who I saw on the news or read about in the paper.

 I’ve finally realized that the Ellen show is the other side of the same coin, except not only do you gravitate to the disappointments, you play the hero by throwing a few bucks at their credit card payment or by advertising for Subaru by hawking their product. Helping someone who simply works hard, and has not been an f-up doesn’t really push the Nielsen needle.

 It just seems too bad. E.g., using video clips and claiming to compensate the viewer with $100 but unless you trot them out on stage, well, the check doesn’t make it. Kind of sad.

 The only reason I’m writing is because Erica has had quite a day and needs some rest, but she is intent on maintaining her commitment of blogs to Ellen. So, I’m “helping” her because we share the “idealism” of fulfilling and commitment and working toward something you want, not just looking for a hand-out (free check, car, etc.).

 Of course, I get that this blog entry will not help her cause, but rather simply fulfill the commitment. Not sure if this makes me a good or bad friend. However, I do think my expectation of no response on your end confirms my rantings.

 ~The one frequently referred to as “Hubby”