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Happy 1st Classic Joke Wednesday 2013!

12 Sep

Day 595
Hey Elle, happy 1st classic joke Wednesday! Hope it was all you hoped it would be and more!I hope to be in the audience for one of your Wednesday shows. Someone told me I could get to your studio from my place on the westside in 25 minutes! Now THAT’S A JOKE…in LA traffic – NO WAY! He, he, he ,he….
Your Erica, E- Out!



11 Sep

Day 594
Hey Elle, I’m noticing some new cool challenges for your viewers this season. I love the challenge to submit videos for “DJ for the Day” I am so on that! It’s awesome! But so sad to see Classic Joke Tuesday end. So sad. Then, I was so excited to see the start of Classic Joke Wednesday! You just don’t stop. I mean really, where do all these fresh ideas come from? One suggestion, don’t offer $100 to people you choose, of course unless you plan to pay them. Just saying….I’m not bitter BUT I am still waiting on a check, cashiers or C.O.D., in your case? I say it with love….. Your Erica, E-Out!

Summer Loving…Had You A Blast!

10 Sep

Day 593
Hey Elle,
I really enjoyed the show today! Loved seeing Olivia Munn, jealous she is your BFF (and that she can beatbox) and tWitch as DJ for the day was cool but what I most enjoyed was hearing about what you did over the summer. I guess the Inquirer and Star Magazines had it all wrong, with that hit and run story and you and Portia adopting a kid from South Dakota and the whole court battle over the child with the tribe…good to know! But really, if all you wanted was gift basket you didn’t need to wait for Oprah to bring you one, I could have run to Trader Joe’s myself and brought it to your new place.But oh yeah,that’s right, I forgot your new address, what was it again? Your Erica, E- Out!  

PS. I know you’re not wondering what I did over the summer, remember I emailed you everyday and told you?


Ellen, It’s HOT!

30 Aug

Day 585
Hey Elle, I got it! It’s Hot!!! But, I feel “cool” for other reasons today. Check it out! I did a video for you today. Yes, it’s been a month since my last vlog but, I was feeling it today… Hope you do too! Your Erica, E- Out!

Back to My Reality!

3 Aug

Day 559


Hey Elle, I’m back from Palm Springs, my birthday destination. Most people come back from vacation refreshed and re-energized. Personally, I find them stressful and exhausting! It might be because I spend the entire time dreading the return home, trying to do as much as I can before I leave, eating because I’m stressed and I can; and working out profusely so I don’t gain too much weight! But other than that, I love vacations! Your Erica, E- Out!

Same-O Saturday… For Ellen DeGeneres

28 Jul

Day 552
Hey Elle, it’s just another Saturday…you know, just like the last Saturday and the one before that within the 552 day span that I have been emailing you, sending you videos, blogging and vlogging about you and tweeting what I blogged. So, it’s a “same-o Saturday” as far as I am concerned. Hopefully you know what I’m talking about and this is not the first time you’ve heard of me and/or from me. BUT, if by chance you haven’t, try this link:


become enlightened and look forward to hearing from me again tomorrow!

Your Erica, E- Out!


A Classic Joke For Ellen DeGeneres On July 23, 2013

24 Jul

Day 548
Hey Elle, happy classic joke Tuesday! My joke for you? See attached…Just start laughing now, it’s that funny! Well, kinda.
Your Erica, E-Out!