11 Sep

Day 594
Hey Elle, I’m noticing some new cool challenges for your viewers this season. I love the challenge to submit videos for “DJ for the Day” I am so on that! It’s awesome! But so sad to see Classic Joke Tuesday end. So sad. Then, I was so excited to see the start of Classic Joke Wednesday! You just don’t stop. I mean really, where do all these fresh ideas come from? One suggestion, don’t offer $100 to people you choose, of course unless you plan to pay them. Just saying….I’m not bitter BUT I am still waiting on a check, cashiers or C.O.D., in your case? I say it with love….. Your Erica, E-Out!


Summer Loving…Had You A Blast!

10 Sep

Day 593
Hey Elle,
I really enjoyed the show today! Loved seeing Olivia Munn, jealous she is your BFF (and that she can beatbox) and tWitch as DJ for the day was cool but what I most enjoyed was hearing about what you did over the summer. I guess the Inquirer and Star Magazines had it all wrong, with that hit and run story and you and Portia adopting a kid from South Dakota and the whole court battle over the child with the tribe…good to know! But really, if all you wanted was gift basket you didn’t need to wait for Oprah to bring you one, I could have run to Trader Joe’s myself and brought it to your new place.But oh yeah,that’s right, I forgot your new address, what was it again? Your Erica, E- Out!  

PS. I know you’re not wondering what I did over the summer, remember I emailed you everyday and told you?

Forget the Countdown….Check!

9 Sep

Day 592
Hey Elle,new season starts tomorrow! What can I say? I am speechless…this happens very rarely. But I prepared for tomorrow. Time free, seat ready and snacks, lots of snacks! Since you already recorded the show, I hope you broke a leg! Your Erica, E- Out!

Season 11…SO COOL!

8 Sep

Day 592


Hey Elle, only 1 more day and then season 11 starts….I can’t wait, it’s going to be so COOL! And I need it, I am sweating to death in the LA heat wave! Bring it! Yeah, I know what you’re thinking but; I mean it. I haven’t got an air condition and I think I might just drive tot he studio, wait in line with guests that got tickets and see if I can catch some of that cool air as the doors open. I will try anything at this point! Oh yeah, I would be bringing my 7 month old with me….Do you feel sorry for me and want to give me tickets to the show yet? There is ONE WHOLE DAY left! Your Erica, E- Out!

Two More Days ….

7 Sep

Day 591
Hey Elle, only two more days! It’s hard to believe but 11 years does fly by quickly…unless your in jail. Okay, bad comparison but I suspects there are plenty of inmates who tune in to see you everyday! At least it’s not a crime to love ya! Not yet, anyway:) Your Erica, E-Out!

Three More Days Left…. Rocks!

5 Sep

Day 591
Hey Elle, there are only four more days until season 11!Wait, you already knew that!I have to tell people who don’t know….but really, who doesn’t know. Haven’t they seen the billboards?You have to be living under a rock not to know…so, I better start turning rocks! I have only three more days! Hikes!!! Your Erica, E- Out!

Countdown Continues…

5 Sep

Day 590


Hey! I can’t stand it…all I do is count down!!!!  5 Days….Your Erica, E- Out!