Hello World (especially Ellen DeGeneres Show viewers and lovers),

My name is Erica and this blog is tracking my daily emails to Ellen DeGeneres. I started writing an email a day to Ellen DeGeneres on January 7th 2012. Why am I writing her? Because I like her, she’s funny, I feel a connection to her and I CAN!  This is the year of DOING for me! Yes, I have turned 40 and soon after that age people start to do either crazier things or just give up. I AM NOT A QUITTER!

My emails to her are random and I have a tendency to ramble BUT, my words are sincere, deep and I think quite clever and funny (in a quirky way).  For this reason, I am referring to my emails as “brain farts.” They just bubble up inside and then they just have to come out.  And, like a fart, there’s little control over what you expel.  ALSO, you are only allowed 1500 characters in each email to Ellen on her website. So I do A LOT of editing – it gets ugly, choppy and vague at times…but hang in. The point is there, somewhere…I think.  Pretend you’re looking for Waldo or playing I Spy.You are probably wondering how long I will keep this up AND so am I…we’ll just have to see.  At least until I get invited on the show or die.  I would like one or more of the following things to happen: go to the show, be on the show, be a regular on the show, work for Ellen DeGeneres. That’s the plan, anyway.

Please let me know your thoughts and comment  as often as you like. Tell me what you’d like me to ramble to Ellen about and I will be sure to put your two cents in. Most of all I just want to have fun – so let’s do this!

My first post was my fifth email to Ellen and now I have added my real-time daily posts to Ellen as well ( that’s two posts for  all you lucky readers). I think it’s great for you to see what I started writing and what I am writing now.  I have started to add some photos and video! Come back Everyday and thanks for reading my blog!!!!


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