GO Vegan? But Why?

14 Jul

GO Vegan? But Why?

Day 539
Hey Elle, it’s Saturday and I have been considering going back to being a vegan. Our baby is now 6 months old and the craving for meat has somewhat subsided. Aside from the korean bbq I had today…But, I need more reasons for going vegan… I know, it’s a healthy choice, it’s showing compassion for animals, it’s cool b/c you do it but, how what else? Then I thought about what else veggies are good for then I came up with this (with the help of my six year old). Meet Aunt Crazy. A sweet potato seems so much more appealing when in a top hat and tie! But, I’m thinking I might be crazy to give up burgers”cold turkey” but, I would try for you. You should call me to convince me further, take me for vegan meal and we can talk more! Your Erica, E- Out!


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