The Bro Knows All…

2 May

Day/Email 471
Hey Elle, with all the minder readers and mediums you’ve had on the show to display their talents, I thought I would share the Bro’s talent with you as well. Yes, he too is able to read minds. He reads mine quite well and I wanted to share a demonstration of his gift with you (see video). It is quite amazing and I think you will be impressed AND entertained. I wouldn’t be surprised is this is the clip that prompts your producers to call us (finally) to have us on the show…or, at the very least send me that $100 JCP gift card you owe me for my dance dare! Your Erica, E- OUT!


One Response to “The Bro Knows All…”

  1. karenrca May 2, 2013 at 5:41 am #

    How cute! Miss you WH!

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