Too Cool…Not Really

14 Apr

Day/Email 456
Hey Elle, as parents of a 3 month old, there is very little we do that doesn’t include the kid. No more date nights, no more going to the movies, no more weekends away, basically no more fun stuff couples like to do. But tonight, the kid is asleep on the couch and we dared to rent a movie from Redbox; Skyfall. Yes, the James Bond movie that was released last year and has been at Redbox for some time, yes that one. Perhaps we will get through all of it sans child but most likely we won’t. There is one upshot to being “out” of it all. We no longer have to wait in line for all the newest, coolest, trendiest stuff because we can’t, which means we don’t have to wait in line later, when we can finally take advantage of it… because it’s so old it no longer appeals to anyone else, but us! This is how parents become uncool to their kids…But,I contend that we still “look” cool. But looks can be deceiving, right? But the sad reality is that NO ONE is looking at us anymore!!! Your Erica, E-Out!


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