12 Apr

Day/Email 455

Hey Elle, How sweet was the fan that started crying when you came out on stage? I can’t say that i would be able to contain myself either but, it was very nice of you to give her a hug (she probably won’t shower for a week, just because she looked so dazed and confused should couldn’t find the shower). But what I thought was the funniest about it all was when you said that all you want is for people to laugh and would go as far as to tickle people, if necessary. So, that made me think of an idea (I AM your Idea Gal, right?). You should create and sell the “Tickle YOU Ellen Doll.” It’s a little or big doll that looks like you and can actually tickle you if put close enough to the body. Maybe it vibrates…oops, wrong market and wrong doll! But, you get what I mean. It could tell jokes too! I think the idea would fly and sell off the shelves. You have to come up with a good laugh for it too (you know, like Elmo….but better). So get to work on that…really, do I have to do everything? Provide ideas and a plan for execution? Now, you really need to put me on the payroll! You could start with the $100 JCP gift card you owe…no, I have not forgotten!!!! Your Erica, E- Out!


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