Music, Please…..

23 Mar

Day/Email 428
Hey Elle, We’ve been watching the Stars Wars movies with the Bro and what I love most is the soundtrack. I remember cheering in the movie theater as a kid when the music started to play and the words rolled down the screen telling us the current plight of the Empire. I think each of us should have a soundtrack that plays as we go about our daily lives. What a hoot that would be! But it would give people another dimension for appreciating and understanding one another. Like when a person was about to do something naughty; villainous organ or that screeching psycho theme might play.

But most importantly, we would all have a theme song that described us best. Mine? Weezer’s Beverly Hills, of course. It’s about wanting to be there, which I am, not belonging there, which I don’t, because I’m not rich, and not caring, which I don’t but  just having fun, with other regular people (who also don’t have money)…in Beverly Hills. Oh, the video does take place at the Playboy mansion, which would be fun, with a whole lot of people, which is cool, while Weezer just blends in and enjoys the vibe, which is what I do best! Well, I guess I do like to stand out a LITTLE…. What would your theme song be? Perhaps Abba’s Dancing Queen? Yeah I know, that was too predictable… Your Erica, E-Out!


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