Who Your Mama?????

20 Mar

Day/Email 425 Hey Elle,
I was walking somewhere when a woman stopped to look at my baby. She was admiring him and then asked me three questions: who hold was he, what was his name and was I the nanny?!!!!! Rude, I know… Well, if you see my child (picture attached) you will notice that he is much fairer than I am…that’s because his dad is white and I’m not. Enough said about that. But as always there were so many great come-backs I had for her comment but did not think of them in the moment. After the fact the one that I most wished I thought of was, ” yes, this my baby and the father is Ellen DeGeneres, that’s why he’s blonde and his eye look blue.” Really this may sound crazy BUT my baby was conceived for you – so that I could be in your mother’s day audience!!!! And though you did not choose me, now, I must care for our “love child” and it would be great if you could meet him soon. Oh, how about at this year’s mother’s day show? Just a suggestion….Your Erica,E-Out. PS. if you’re worried…I don’t think Portia would be jealous, my hubby isn’t!Image


One Response to “Who Your Mama?????”

  1. John Wall March 20, 2013 at 1:06 am #

    He’s grown so much already!

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