I’m baaaaaack

17 Mar

Day 4,265,789

Hey Elle,

It’s me again, chubby hubby… The Warden read me the riot act after my last post and I’m being ordered to apologize, so, I apologize. Apparently, I don’t understand AND I’m not cut out for how things work in Hollywood. Maybe now the General will start speaking to me again.

Dear faithful readers, as down as I am on some people… I’m on the other spectrum for all of you people who read consistently and inspire the Boss to keep going. She really appreciates it.

Since Capital E never toots her own horn, I thought I’d share some things about her that she never brags about but are pretty cool. Listen up Ellen.

She won the James Baldwin play write award for an original work that was performed by 3 theaters

She partied at Glam Slam with Prince

She had a small part in the TV show; The White Shadow

She worked on at Night Line in Washington DC

She has impeccable taste in husbands

She did a triathlon

She and her girlfriend watched her girlfriend’s car go up in flames (as in, huge fireball)

She was in the Air Force and flew 2 missions in Desert Storm

Ok, so I made up the last one.

You’re Erica’s Hubby, J-Out!


One Response to “I’m baaaaaack”

  1. A.T. March 17, 2013 at 4:25 am #

    I love it! Of course you left some things out but I understand you couldn’t include EVERYTHING! I’m glad the general is speaking to you again!

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