ALERT!!!! ….Unauthorized Blog Entry

4 Mar

Day 414


Hello Blog Followers and Elle (if you ever find your way to this blog….),

My “hubby” said he would help me out by being a guest author for me yesterday because I was so beat-tired. But, I did not get a chance to review, edit or authorize the entry. Hence, it was an unauthorized entry and in no way represents my thoughts, opinions or feelings about or toward Ellen DeGeneres or the Ellen Show!!!

That said, I will acknowledge that the blog entry was written in my defense and out of love. Hubby is just frustrated…He loves me and wants me to succeed and I will…But he was very naughty and in the “dog house.” This is not to imply that he was wrong, or takes back what he said but, he is in trouble with who the Bro calls, the boss (that’s me).

Of course,  I deeply desire to accomplish this goal but  I will obviously need Ellen’s help to do that but even if Ellen never answers my emails, reads my blog or sees my videos, this doesn’t make me a failure because it’s the people who stick with it and never give up despite the odds that are really successful. But a little help is always appreciated.

SO basically, no, I am not mad, just disappointed with my hubby (and Ellen – in a more positive and productive way than my hubby).

I am still debating whether or night to turn my hubby into the blog authorities (if that exists). But at the very least, he will be punished for being such a bad boy (wait that didn’t sound right…but it did sound a bit naughty and that can’t be all bad). Let me stop…. Your Erica, E-Out!


One Response to “ALERT!!!! ….Unauthorized Blog Entry”

  1. Carin March 4, 2013 at 6:08 pm #

    Too funny. Don’t be too mad – he obviously loves you tons.

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