Just Pacify Me…..

3 Mar

Day/Email 413

Hey Elle,  How do you measure true bravery? There are those that ski of cliffs, ride 100 foot waves, sky dive and swim with sharks and tonight all that paled in comparison to me hosting a dinner party for 12 people after giving birth only 6 weeks ago! So who really is the bravest? During the party I noticed someone people who could benefit from talking with more brevity. So I was thinking, why don’t we use pacifiers on adults to shut them up and calm them down? I know a lot of adults that behave like infants. They could be fashionable. You could put diamonds on them; you know, bejewel them! My 6 week old has one that says, “ I love My Daddy” on it. I think that would work for a lot of adults I know as well… and, I could come up with a lot of other great things to put on them. Just a thought my brain farted out. Your Erica, E-Out!


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