Tripp’n Off Jennifer Lawrence

27 Feb

Day/Email 410

Hey Elle, My brain has been doing some serious thinking (aka. farting) about Jennifer Lawrence and her fall at the Oscars as she went to accept her award. Yes, it was funny and unfortunate but no one has mentioned the pattern in her behavior at award ceremonies and what the root of all of it might really be. Does anyone remember that she stumbled on someone’s chair and ripped her gown (but looked like she almost lost her under garments) as she went up to accept her SAG award at that ceremony? I will cut to the chase; either the girl is just that unlucky or she she’s a closet alcoholic ( I would say that maybe she can’t hold her liquor but, she seems to brilliant an actress and strong a gal to say that, so this is my other theory). Perhaps she is taking to the grape juice to calm her nerves before these events. I don’t blame her. All I have to say is, moderation baby! Don’t make people like me start rumors that you’re a raging alcoholic ( I use that term in a loving way) based on a couple of unrelated incidents that I have grossly over exaggerated. Keep it together and try mediation to calm the nerves.  But really, what the heck, it made for a good laugh and good story! You know that and what more is there to life, right Elle? Your Erica ,E-Out!


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