Who Shoots Better Free Throws?

15 Feb

Day 400


Hey Elle, loved the show today….I am off to a college women’s basketball game tonight at UCLA. Want to show my support for the women and its free. Yes, it’s sad. They give women’s basketball tickets away and you can hardly get tickets to the men’s basketball games!It’s a sad state of affairs and I just don’t get it! So, I wanted to show my young son, The Bro, that girls play just as well as boys, if not better!I consider this a great act of kindness toward the Bro, don’t you? It’s like Dwight Shrute on the Office said once,” Men’s basketball, women’s basketball, one’s a sport and one’s a joke, I like sports and I like jokes…there is room for both.” I so agree, women’s basketball is a true sport and it IS a real joke how much professional men’s basketball players make a year! Your Erica, E- Out!


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