Kind Words…..

15 Feb

Day 399


Hey Elle, It’s Thursday and only one more day of kindness week…Today, I would like to share with you some of the kind things friends and my blog followers have shared with me to make me feel better about you not responding to any of my emails. People can be so nice and supportive when it come to others dreams and hopes. Just when I think I might give up and stop writing you and/or coming up with different and new ways of meeting you, there are so many people that tell me to hang in there OR that you are just crazy for not getting in touch with me by now.

These are some of the things I’ve been told: “What the hell is wrong with Ellen, she really needs to call you?!, That Ellen doesn’t know what she’s missing!, I think you would be great on Ellen’s show!, Don’t Give Up and She really didn’t give you the JCPenny gift card for your Dance Dare? ( I had to put that one in; a reminder)” These are just a few of the comments I ‘ve received. Nice of them to say, right? Do you have a comment, Elle? Just thought I’d ask…Your Erica, E- Out! PS. Happy Valentine’s Day!!


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