More Cookies = More Kindness

13 Feb

Day 397


Hey Elle, Kindness continues in small ways that make a big difference. Today, while picking up some of my FAVORITE COOKIES in Westwood (near UCLA – I won’t tell you the name of the place because you are too healthy to eat there, they use animal products in their cookies AND there is always a long line so, I don’t want more people to know about it and make the wait longer for me!I’m doing everyone a favor- cookies are bad for you and are hard to eat in moderation) so,I was standing in line and the guy in front of me held the door open for me longer than he had to and did it with a smile. You know what I mean, right? I am talking about when you are in line at a place where the door is always closed and doesn’t stay open by itself so you have to hold it open while you are in front of it? Often, you end up holding it longer because the person in back of you does not do his/her share of the work. Well this guy did and when I tried to take over he still held it open. That meant a lot.It gave me more time and energy to choose the cookies I wanted while in line instead of trying to decide while the cookie man and other customers wait!I really felt like I had my cake and cookies too today!:) Did I need them? No. But by buying cookies today, I was able to experience more kindness. We all know that kindness is not about need, it’s about a desire; to help! Thanks fellow cookie-lover, wherever you are!(Yeah, I know, cookies can’t help but make people friendlier…hmmm)Your Erica,E-Out!


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