Give and Take….Then, Give Some More!

12 Feb

Day/Email 396

Hey Elle,

Loved your kick off to kindness week! As I reflect on kindness in my life, I think life has been kind to me; for the most part. Of course I have a brand new healthy baby boy,  many people who have shown such kindness toward our family as we adjust to our newest family member and someone like you to remind me that kindness is the key to life! But, to everything there is a flip side. I am not one to complain but I want to state observations I have made about one of the best the things to have happened to me…my pregnancy. For the most part I had a great pregnancy. I DID have morning sickness, some sciatic pain that really kicked in toward the end of the third term, along with some numbness in my fingers and oh yeah,  and horrible insomnia. So it did have its drawbacks…. But, I also had the clearest complexion I’ve every had in my life. Wouldn’t you know, of every symptom I had that’s the only one that has entirely disappeared. So, life can also be cruel. But, that shouldn’t make us unkind just more tolerant and more forgiving, which in the end leads to more kindness, right? Right! Your Erica, E- Out!


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