A Little Help For My Friend?

10 Feb

Day 395


Hey Elle, It’s so kind of you to do week of kindness…It would be so kind of you to show kindness toward someone who tries to be kind to others, loves your show and would love nothing more than to be a part of it (that means a writing job).It would be simple:just invite me to the show, dance with me and then offer me a job! I’ve seen you do it before so throw one of the five days of kindness my way…what do you say? Yes, this email was all about me but, if you don’t think you can show me love this week, how about showing kindness toward my friend Kristie J. She is a single mom trying to raise her son on her own while making ends meet. She lives in the Mojave desert. And, she is one of the most positive people in the world, even when her world is not and she never complains. She is very funny and just deserves a break. For her contact info…you have to contact me! Your Erica, E- Out!


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