Just Follow Directions….

8 Feb

Day/ Email 391
Hey Elle, Given the almost 400 days I have been writing you without any response, you can’t blame me for questioning whether you have read any of my emails. I thought perhaps I have been writing you via the wrong email on your website. But, where other than “send Ellen an email” would I send you emails? So, it says at the top of the page:Do you have a question, comment, or suggestion for our show? If so, this is the place for them. That’s pretty specific and that I what I have done. So I am going to follow directions to the letter today and hope that I hear from you.

Yes, I do have a question, comment and suggestion. Question:Ellen, are you going to respond to my emails, ever? Comment:I have been writing you for over a year and haven’t heard a thing OR received my $100 JCPenny gift card for my Dance Dare at JCP. It makes me sad and a tad P.O’d. Suggestion: Just respond to me, it will make for a great segment, a good time and a great new hire for you! Your Erica, E- Out!


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