One-Time Offer…

6 Feb

Day/Email 390


Hey Elle, hope you liked the picture of me and my bro-in-law with your star on Hollywood! I thought we looked cute…but I do have a confession to make. Your star was not the only stop we made. I hope you don’t feel too competitive with the other stars on the walk. But, since Jennifer Aniston was so close, I could not help but take a picture with her star too. Don’t be jealous. There is enough love to go around. Other than her, you really have little competition on that side of the street. In fact, you could look at it as a bit of a draw to your star. As I always do, I would like to volunteer to help you keep better track of the traffic to and from your star. I could just camp out at the star and you could periodically check in with me to see who is visiting. I know you do this occasionally but, you have other things you could be doing…just leave it to me! If you pass up my offer, I will go to Jennifer Anniston with the same offer. Don’t think too long or too hard about it; it could be too late! Your Erica, E-Out!Image


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