A Star Is Found…

5 Feb

Day 399


Hey Elle, well the suspense is over…. My “to be continued” will now be continued: Since we did not get the text to come see you at your place (or any place for that matter) my bro-in-law and I decided to go to see your star on Hollywood Blvd. I do feel like we are getting closer (I am referring to you and me not me and my bro-in-law; he and I are already close). First, it was Ellen-on-a-stick that helped us bond but now I can simply visit you any time on the walk of fame to feel a connection. And, though I did not have to wait in line to see your star, I am happy to report there were other people there who stopped to see it. I must admit, being next to Jennifer Anniston may detract from you a bit-but not much. So I am hoping our relationship will progress from here and I may one day make it into your studio audience and then, your staff lounge! I know, baby steps. Your Erica, E-Out!Image


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