Koala-ing In The Streets….

30 Jan

Day/Email 384


Hey Elle, great to see you are getting ready for your trip down under…from the looks of things people are ready for you. This koala-ing thing you’ve got going looks hilarious but a tad aggressive and somewhat suggestive; I like it! And, I don’t mind trying it but honestly, I’ve been to several night clubs and seen this behavior on the dance floor and off for that matter. You could probably save yourself some time and take your cameras to the streets and find some good footage. Just a suggestion…you say you’re always open to them and my brain farts can supply them for you. And since Jeannie is in Australia, I would be willing to cover this segment for you. But, I must bring my two-week old koala to hang on me while I do it. Your Erica, E- Out!


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