Keep Hope Alive!

29 Jan

Day/Email 383

Hey Elle, loved today’s show with Jillian Michaels and Sean Hayes. She has always been an inspiration to me. I personally, like her take-no-bull style! She and I worked out together (via DVD) many days while I worked to lose my 60+ pounds some three+ years ago.I guess we will be working together again soon to lose my baby weight! I always wanted to be one of her “girls” as she calls her back-up workout girls on her videos. It’s a high goal, much like wanting to work for you but, we all have dreams. I could have chosen to write her everyday…but, there’s still time. Who knows I may meet her yet, perhaps when she comes on your show again AND I am already on staff?..Keeping Hope Alive! Your Erica, E- OUT!


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