Mommies Are The Kindest…..

23 Jan

Day/Email 378

Hey Elle, as I embark upon the Odyssey of mothering an infant once more, I am now dealing with breastfeeding. I anticipated some challenges but this is more than I bargained for. Not that I mind the challenge but I would like to categorize breastfeeding as an official act of kindness. That would mean that I think all moms who breastfeed (including those who at least try but may not succeed)deserve to be rewarded in some way. Do with this information what you like….you may only want to acknowledge one deserving mom who is breastfeeding, AND writing you EVERY day and taking care of her week old child. That said, a ticket to your show, a dance and a job are all it would take to reward this mother; me!!!!! Just a suggestion. If that is too much, the $100 JCP gift certificate you owe her would do as well! Your Erica, E- Out!


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