Day 375 – Live From Boston

20 Jan

We’ve been traveling today so I haven’t had the latest details. Last I heard they would be leaving the top quality hospital food behind on Friday and heading back to the ranch. Having been through this twice before myself I know better than to call over there as a new baby creates sleep deprivation on a scale of Arkham Asylum testing.

I thought the linkbait headline would do more to run around, although posting on a Friday, before a long weekend on top of that, is asking a lot.

Our exciting trip was into the big city to go to Snipits – a place that specializes in cutting hair for kids. Worth every cent if you are in that stage where your kid thinks getting their haircut is on the same level of pain as getting your arm caught in a wood chipper. I’m not sure why that is, but from what I’ve seen every child goes through that stage. Not much to do but smile and move forward.

I was happy to see the shots of Ellen on a stick come through, she hasn’t been around in a while. So – time for me to start planning my trip out to LA to see Bro 2 and hang out at The Ellen Show.

Hope you are enjoying your long weekend,

Bro-timus Prime


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