Designated Hitter – Day 2

17 Jan

Day 372

Ok, so I am back again. The latest news as of this morning was the baby is not here yet. If you are wondering who I am, and why I’m here you must have missed yesterday’s post (no worries, I can wait).

Shout out from last post, Paul was glad to see that his wife is not the only woman on earth that enjoys watching Transformers Prime. Funny coincidence – as regular readers know the kid goes by “The Bro”, what hasn’t been told is that as E’s only brother, the family refers to me as “Bro-timus Prime.”

As promised this is day 2 – commentary on the Ellen Quest and call to friends. For anyone new to Erica’s blog – she’s on a quest to get on the Ellen Show. I’m covering for her as she has her baby. I’ve had a great time following this blog, it’s the same thing I love about most bloggers, you get to hear about those details of daily life that most people don’t consider important enough to talk about on a phone call, but there’s a lot of funny stories and a taste of what her daily life is really like.

In regards to the quest my best bet for help or information is my college buddy Steve. He works “in the industry” and knows everyone and how it works so perhaps a plea to him will shed some light on the best things to do.

Well, that covers it for today. In parting, I know that Ellen fans like music and dancing so my gift to you is this link to Preston Leatherman’s song “Saturday” it’s a fun song and he’s done some great videos of dancing in public that you can check out on his website.

Here’s to sending all our positive energy to the new arrival!


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