No Popcorn With That….

14 Jan

Email/Day 369


Hey Elle, it was movie Sunday for the family. We went to a matinee showing of the Hobbit. Yes, three hours! It was a good movie, though I fell asleep when the Dwarfs started to sing. Just didn’t fit. But what most impressed me about the experience was not how good the movie was but instead that we were able to go to a movie theater and sit through a three hour film without buying anything from the concession stand!! I know, it’s practically un- American. But we did it!The Bro was devastated and confused at first but, he made it and though the smell of the popcorn consumed my every thought until we entered our movie, I made it too. No artificial buttered popcorn, no blue, red or yellow slushy drinks, no goobers and no junior mints for this family!!! The upshot of all of this, our son does associate the movies with having to eat junk food, we saved $20 bucks – at least and we had lots of room for the cake and ice cream we all consumed later this evening for dessert! Just sharing learning moments comes in all shapes and sizes….oh yeah, no baby either today….Your Erica, E-Out!


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