Baby Overdue

9 Jan

Day 364


Hey Elle, I’m due today and there is no sign of me going into labor. So, I guess it is what it is; which means I am not giving birth today. So the wait continues…I hate to be overdue, on anything but, I guess this is the one instance in which being overdue is OK. It’s not like it’s library book I  failed to return on time and I will have to pay a fee, right? Or a utility bill I didn’t pay on time; where a service will be turned off. Actually, the more I think about it, the baby is more responsible to me for overstaying his time in my belly! Surely, I wouldn’t with old services and/or accommodations from my kid but, this whole thing just doesn’t seem fair and is skewed in the baby’s favor. But, really I have no issue with any of it….who wants an under cooked ham? NOT ME…. In California, the law always favors the tenants…. go figure! Your Erica, E-OUT!


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