In the Flower Zone…

7 Jan

Day 362


Hey Elle, No, no baby yet. But everything still points to one coming soon. The Bro is quite invested in the birth of his baby brother and took a look at the “Understanding Labor” pamphlet from the hospital today. We all need to be informed I suppose…He looked through all the pictures and diagrams and actually seemed to understand the stages that take place.It is made up of drawings, nothing to graphic of course. As he described and relayed what will happen to me, to me, he described the baby coming out through the vagina and into the world as, “the baby coming through the flower zone.”  I share this because as a parent your must grapple with what words you use to label “awkward/tough subjects.” We decided the vagina would be the flower and from that derived the “flower zone.” I was quite impressed with what the Bro came up with, what do you think? I often think we underestimate what children know and think and can teach us. Brain Fart: Of course, what better place to emerge and grow than from the flower zone! Your Erica, E- Out!


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