Etiquette of an Infant

28 Dec

Day 352


Hey Elle, judging from this week’s re-runs (not complaining, just saying) you are obviously away on vacation. Good for you! Good for me too! I am a bit pre-occupied with having a baby. So my mind finds it hard to write you even a simple email…but I DO! So I will write about what I know and what’s happening now. I am going into my 39th week of pregnancy so it could be any day now. I was thinking about it in terms of time and just how long this “guest” has stayed. Being the host that I am, I think I’ve treated him well despite his late night cravings, boogie sessions between 10pm and 2pm and his increasing space consumption. Any other “house guest” might offer a gift of some kind at the end of a visit, so I am wondering what he might give me. Perhaps this is a questions of etiquette question; I don’t know. Yes, I get this is an infant but, you would think in this awesome and amazing process called pregnancy, that there might be some sort of payback built in….after nine long months. It could be as simple as a flawless complexion for the rest of my life, six pack abs immediately following delivery, stuff like that. Just a thought. That’s why I call them Brain Farts! Your Erica, E-Out


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