How NOT to Store Tiny Lego Pieces….

27 Dec

Day 351


Hey Elle, tis the day after Christmas and all through this house was amazement, disgust and utter panic for about 30 minutes this afternoon. Why you ask? Well, the Bro, in is infinite wisdom was tired of carrying one of his tiny Lego pieces around with him while we were out and about today. The piece he brought with him today was about half the size of an M&M. We were about 5 minutes from home when the Bro announced that there was a toy in his nose. He said it very calmly, so we stayed calm and thought he was joking, of course. Then he started to blow his nose and showed us some blood…hence the panic started. When I turned to the backseat to take a closer look, I saw a white “something” quickly peek out of his left nostril, then it disappeared. We got home, and as we walked in the house I stopped the Bro and asked him if there was really a toy in his nose, he said yes and tilted his head back; I saw the white plastic with tiny black writing. While slightly hyper ventilating, I tried to understand why and when the object was placed up his nose. He told me he was tired of carrying the piece around and had it up there for about an hour. While the Bro began to cry and asked if it was going to hurt, my husband extracted the object with tweezers. Relief and anger took over….enough said.

Brain Fart of the day? Do you think that children are aliens sent to earth to test humans’ coping abilities? Or, did I just fail to give the kid clothes with enough pockets? Your Erica, E-Out?


One Response to “How NOT to Store Tiny Lego Pieces….”

  1. A.T. December 27, 2012 at 7:03 am #

    OMG! What was the Bro thinking?? I guess from now on he’ll be sporting gear with plenty of pockets. Good thinking on hubby’s part and I’m glad you didn’t panic the bun in the oven out prematurely! I’m glad the Bro was able to leggo the Lego!

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