Stay In The Moment!

16 Dec

Day 340


Hey Elle, how’s your Saturday going? We just picked the Bro up from a birthday party at a Tae Kwon Do studio. What is it about the martial arts that little boys love so much? Yes, he did break a wooden board. That is moment that clinches the kid, the raw power of it all. I personally, just love the pristine white pants and kimono jacket. But surprise, surprise the Bro will try classes this month for free, with the option to continue (for a fee) thereafter.  What a deal, huh? But the Bro is excited and how can he not be? Brute strength of any kind is addicting…but funny, the Bro tried to break what was left of his board into another two pieces and he just couldn’t do it. Go figure! Always and enjoy and live in the moment…it’s fleeting. Your Erica, E- Out! 


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