Ahwwww, Push It!….

10 Dec

Email/Day 334
Hey Elle, today is quick check-in. I’m in the thick of baby delivery prep. I packed the hospital bag, the baby bag and I’m now putting together a playlist for the event. Well really, my husband is doing playlist but I am collaborating. Yes, a playlist that will get me through however long it takes to get to a 4cm dilation of my cervix. Why 4cm? Because, that is when they will allow me to get an epidural! Yes, I am about the drugs! So, I think I had mentioned this process before but I am only getting to it now…. At 36 weeks. time is running out. Once I have completed the list I would be happy to share it with you. There will be a relaxation portion and a motivational section. I am more concerned with what it’s going to take to get me motivated to get this kid through the birth canal. I know you like Salt n’Pepa so I know you will appreciate me making “Push It” a main selection. Yeah, I know this might also work as a great dance party mix! Well it will definitely be a party of sorts with a lot of moving, shaking and pushing. Of course, you’re invited! Your Erica, E-Out!


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