No Holiday Po-Po…..Really!

8 Dec

Day 332


Hey Elle, in the midst of the holiday season people get frenzied with shopping for gifts, decorating their homes (some more than others as in the case of Cristina Aguilera; does she need 6 themed trees?), and preparing great meals for family and friends. There’s also  are tons of ideas for how to best do the holidays and a lot of information of the etiquette of the season. In every magazine I read, there is a section devoted to “how to” do everything from give gifts properly to whether or not to send your Jewish friends Christmas cards. I say, bah humbug to the all the rules. Can we just enjoy the holiday and spend it however we want….doing whatever we want, with compassion and warmth in our hearts?  Today a Jewish friend of mine told she loves Christmas music and carols and loves to sing along. She said it like she was indulging in a guilty pleasure. I assured her there was no holiday police and she laughed and said, “it’s ok, I just don’t sing the parts with Jesus Christ our Lord in it.” That works for me! This holiday, let’s all JUST DO IT….OUR OWN WAY! I love the way you’ve been celebrating so far! Your Erica, E-Out! PS. For the record, if you send a non-Christian a Christmas card,  according to an article in Real Simple magazine, they will not be offended but  instead, just touched you thought of them….duh!


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