Kindness for Kindness Sake!

4 Dec

Day 328


Hey Elle, Again, as much as I love Amy, I could have been a REAL PREGNANT woman standing outside the studio waiting for help! And coincidentally, while at Target, a man helped me with putting my bags in my car. I was blocking his car door so he couldn’t open it anyway, so I guess he thought he might as well speed up the process by helping me…and, he did! See your giving is catching and gives back! Yesterday I said I was going to give away smiles today and I did but surprisingly, I found that today I received A LOT of smiles from other people! Perhaps just the intent to smile at others generates warmth…or, I am just such a cute pregnant woman people can’t help but smile! Whatever the case,  what I have found across the board is the pregnant women get a lot of attention and help (deservingly so) and it’s only AFTER they give birth that people no longer show them as much consideration. It’s ironic, since it’s the moms with the strollers and kids that are really in most need of help. It’s like people like idea of kids but not the actuality of them….Who cares as long as people like Javier AND you with Diamonds, still show love! Tomorrow’s giveaway, a compliment for everyone I talk with! Your Erica, E-Out!


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