365 Days of Giveaways….

3 Dec

Day 322


Hey Elle, Thanksgiving is gone and now it’s Christmas prep. We got the tree and decorations up with only three ornament casualties! I love putting up our artificial tree – it is so perfect, it’s ridiculous! But hey, isn’t that what this holiday season is all about? Creating the illusion of  “perfect” holiday cheer with beautiful decorations, lots of gifts and love for all? Yeah….well, at least there’s your 12 Days of Giveaways and other people who finds ways to give to those who are under no illusion that the holidays can be rough (if you don’t have the means to decorate, give gifts and find it in your heart to love all humankind under those circumstances). The holidays are special for different reasons. But, I see them as the one opportunity during the year to challenge ourselves to find the true spirit of Christmas…somewhere other than the mall. You’ve inspired me to do 365 Days of Giveaways….my prizes won’t be as extravagant but not everything worth giving or receiving has a price tag. Tomorrow, I will give away smiles (one of which will go to you; while I watch you dance through the aisles on tomorrow’s show…you’re welcome!). Your Erica, E- Out!


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