To Talk Or Not To Talk….

25 Nov

Day 321


Hey Elle, I had a massage today and I just want to know, do you think the massage therapist should talk or not talk during the massage? Of course, if you as the client is a talker than sure, the massage therapist should exchange words but if you are NOT a talker than you should be able to enjoy the massage in silence and fall asleep as I always do; without having to tell the massage therapist to be quiet. IfI sound nit-picky, well I am. In addition, I am pregnant and massages are not cheap so I think I am entitled to experience it the way I want it. Now, I know when you go to high-end spas, like the ones you go to, there is probably less chance of having a bad experience but given my price point, I need to be on my toes. I think this question is much like the question of whether your toilet roll is over or under. So, what do you think Ellen and my blog readers…Now, I nap. It was relaxing! Your Erica, E-Out!


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