Hey, Mr. DJ!!!

25 Nov

DAY 321


Hey Elle, I went to an 18th birthday party for my niece last night. It was quite the event. It was larger than some weddings I’ve attended. The parents went all out, and of course there was a DJ.  I want to know just how DJs have evolved into what they are today. They’re not all like Tony; especially not wedding/special event DJs. They have a code by which they “work.” Some you may like some may not but, there are definitely things they ALL do. For example, they all wear vests, some just black, but some plaid and some polka dot. They always manage to pronounce names incorrectly (they must not be allowed to practice ahead of time). And, they always exaggerate the last word of every sentence. If you just imagine the last wedding you attended you will see this pattern I am describing. But this is what makes these experiences memories for so many. I had a cheesy DJ at my wedding, who wore plaid, mispronounced someone’s name and made every sentence sound like the beginning of a prize fight; like we were getting ready “to rumble!” So yes, I had a good time. I’m sure celebrities like yourself have much more “professional” and sophisticated DJs do their events…like the ones who don’t know the lyrics of the songs they play, right? Well, it’s variety that makes the world go’round….Your Erica, E-Out!



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