Our Story….

22 Nov

Day 318


Hey Elle, yes, tomorrow is Thanksgiving and you have been doing some serious giving. I also appreciate you and your players recapping the story of Thanksgiving for me. I had clearly forgotten some details…which is silly since everyone knows there was a narrator present to give those of us who weren’t there a minute by minute account of all that transpired. The only thing is I thought that he wore boots and longer and more fitted trousers. But luckily, in your re-enactment Andy was able to sport the short-shorts so well. Way to go! That said; enjoy your turkey-free Thanksgiving dinner. We will be giving thanks for all we have as well and wondering if next Thanksgiving we will be giving thanks for Ellen DeGeneres finally getting in touch with me and answering my year of emails. Then we’ll have a REALLY good story to tell! Your Erica, E-Out!


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