20 Nov

Day 316


Hey Elle, Happy Monday! You get to pick a topic and do monologue everyday so I thought I would too! Today I want to talk about surveys. Why does every body suddenly value my opinion so much? I guess I should be flattered they want to know what I think but honestly, it is annoying. Everybody does surveys now.  From Target to Chipotle to the DMV. Now really, the DMV might ask my opinion but they don’t really want it. And, if they did and actually took it into consideration, why was the lady taking the ID pictures so rude to me? She said I could not re-do my picture but let my husband re-do his…. The reason for this? There was none. But I digress…Surveys pop online all the time, incentives are offered to take them (yet I never win the prize) and they are long!!! They only need to ask one question: Did you as the customer feel that you were always right today? If yes – it’s all good. If not, then there’s a situation to correct. I get why surveys are done, I just don’t want to do them all the time. Really, all of it should be evident by your profit margin. Today,even the President wanted my feedback on how I think his campaign outreach was… That’s a no-brainer, he won didn’t he? Yes, for me, it’s that simple.


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