Living on the Positive Side….

10 Nov

Day 306


Hey Elle, It’s Friday and another good week in the books. As I am not a huge Twilight fan so, I most enjoyed your interview with Kristie Alley. I love her! So glad she has a new book out. All I can think about now is her ex-husband. Now Parker Steven (THE HOTTEST  OF THE HARDY BOYS, EVER), was one of my biggest teen crushes!!! I was so in love with him. When you put him and Shaun Cassidy together, watch hot. “Da Doo Ron Ron, Da Doo, Ron Ron” baby! And if you don’t know that song, either you’re too old or too young. Doesn’t matter which, just listen to it! It makes absolutely no sense but, it wasn’t the first hit of its kind to top the charts in the hearts of teenage girls all over the world. That said, I was crushed when I heard Parker and Kristie were divorcing but, so is life. And, to look on the positive side of it all, as you said today, that just meant Parker was available and on the market! Yeah, I know that really doesn’t mean much for me….but just the idea was a positive volt in my life. But luckily I met my own Parker Stevenson and married him. We solve mysteries together all the time! The real one was too old for me anyway. See? Everything does work out! IT IS all good Elle! Your Erica, E- Out!


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