Just Breathe…..

7 Nov

Day 302


Hello Elle,  First off, thank God Barack won (now you can have your rematch with Michelle at the White House.

Now, tonight is the first of my birthing classes. So the hubby and I are off to learn how to breathe and cope during labor. A lot of people have said what you learn in these classes is great but not as effective when it comes to the actual birth.  But I plan to stay optimistic and enjoy the experience (of  the class….not the labor; yet!). Really, I am more concerned with my music playlist for the birth. I think I will need some soothing music , like Sade, to calm my nerves but my husband contends I will need some motivational tunes, like Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger.” I will have to think it through a bit and create a more eclectic list for this ride.  Darn, I should have asked you to ask Heidi Klum for suggestions. This is going to be crazy. And, I just realized why you haven’t taken me up on having the baby on your show. I didn’t know you did it already with your sister-in-law. So, perhaps you don’t want to repeat it but, they say every delivery is different….so, think about it. At the very least, give me some suggestions for my “labor mix.” Your Erica, E- Out!


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