You Missed Out…..

4 Nov

Day 300


Hey Elle, We missed you at my baby shower today. I thought you might make a surprise visit but…I guess not. Hope whatever you did was worth missing the shower of the century! Sure, that is only my opinion but any day that revolves around you (meaning me), is a big day (so I guess I can see the appeal of having your own daily talk show when at least one hour out the day is “only about you” – not bad at all). Plus, at my party we did not have to guess the waistline of the pregnant woman, we did not have to look for safety pins in bowls of rice, we did not have to swipe cloth pins from other guests when they cross their legs and best of all there were no chocolate filled diapers; AMEN! It was great party where people actually talked with one another and made new friends and acquaintances and had a great time. Kudos to the host, Gogo, and all the people (including my husband) who helped her out! Your loss Elle and my gain! Your Erica, E-Out!

You know, I think my life is pretty cool for a non-celebrity, you may be writing me every day soon….


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