My Prop!

2 Nov

Day 298


Hey Elle, In the midst of the upcoming election, I have come up with my own proposition….no more fun size candy! They are just too convenient to put everywhere in the world! The day after Halloween is worse than Halloween itself. At least the days leading up to Halloween you can talk yourself out of eating the candy because it must be saved for the big night but it’s the days following Halloween that bring the true meaning of scary to this holiday.  Every store, office, or public venue with a counter that can hold a bowl of candy, had one today. Why? Why can’t all the candy be round up and saved for next year? Sound gross? Well, it shouldn’t… aren’ there enough preservatives in those candies to give them a shelf life of at least a year? If not, then I guess we should just throw it all out!  What’s your vote? Happy Post- Halloween! Your Erica (too full of fun size candy…because I have no self-control), E- Out!


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