The Icing….

28 Oct

Day 293


Hey Elle, Happy Saturday! We went to a pumpkin patch today. The Bro enjoyed it but, I think I have hay fever. My nose is stuffed up and that combined with my ever-tightening belly makes for an uncomfortable situation. But as long as the Bro had a good time, that’s all that matters. That’s what good moms are supposed to say, right? So I said it but, I don’t really mean it. I often feel bad about not being the kind of parent who loves to take their kids to amusement parks, festivals, carnivals, etc. I do love seeing the joy on my kid’s face but I loathe working around, standing in line and usually sweating to death in on the relentlessly hot day…that I just happened to choose to take my child on an outing.

But that’s what parents do. Some love it because they are as into the rides, games and junk food as the kids and then there are parents like me that just do it. I have fond memories of my parents taking me on the same kinds of outings and I appreciated it. But, I must admit that I do make an effort to keep these kinds of trips to a minimum by not fully exposing the Bro to all that exists. He thinks Disneyland is store, I  only take him to Lego Land on Christmas Day when there are fewer to no lines because it’s just the Hindus, the Jews, the Buddhists and us. Is that so mean? I don’t think so. I do provide a roof over his head, food for him to eat and clothing…everything else is icing! Your Erica, E-Out!


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