Give It Up For Wonder Women…All Forms

27 Oct

Day 292


Hey Elle, you had some great wonder women on the show today! Halle Berry, Zendee and the mom of four you honored. If you were a superhero, who would you be? I’m talking about one that already exists…sure you’re “super talk show host” but, if you were another superhero, who would it be? I would choose to be Wonder Woman, as portrayed by Linda Carter, of course (now turned jazz singer). To me, Wonder Woman was the ultimate super hero with both a great superhero life as well as a great incognito life. How could you beat being an amazon princess, with legs up to your chin, with the brute strength of the Hulk, the looks of a beauty queen and a glass jet to take you anyway in the world? Then to decide to live among mere mortals, helping them with their problems and threats is what makes her so admirable.

But really, to me it was all about the costume…let ME sport that red, blue and gold, strapless bustier, gold cuffs and red boots! That is so me! There are so many renditions of Wonder Woman but the one I’m most impressed with these days is the Lego version. What can’t they make out of Legos? My son has one but he lost her hair. Why does it come off as a separate piece? I don’t know but, it does. Yet, I still love her. Hair is overrated anyway.  Really, I most admire her courage to leave the comfort of her island. But come on, wouldn’t you leave an island without any men? Wait, I guess YOU wouldn’t. Come to think of it, you might be a better fit as Wonder Woman than me.…but it would be a whole new chapter and very different story! We all have our fantasies but, yours could be your next film, Elle!   Looking for a writer? Your Erica, E-Out!


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