Webbing Here, Webbing There, Cotton, Cotton, Everywhere….

25 Oct

Day 290


Hey Elle, The Bro has informed me that there is only one week until Halloween. So we got the Halloween decorations up today. Seven days of that crazy cotton “spider webbing” is fully sufficient to celebrate the holiday, don’t you think? There is always one item for each holiday that makes or breaks whether your holiday décor was successful or not. For Halloween, it’s the way you drape your webbing. Yeah, I know it used to be the pumpkin and how it was carved. But that is so passé. Now, the webbing has taken over the world. But for Christmas, it’s still the tree; though I was worried in the mid to late nineties with advent of the dancing and singing Santas.  Thankfully, that trend past, at least for those under the age of 50. Anyway, we were able to get up a tidy amount of cotton webbing both inside and outside of the house. I think if we’re not careful we may attract some real spiders thinking that we are  new tract home community for them.  I say this because I had to terminate a large spider making its away across my living room floor as I write this. I have nothing against spiders and I felt very badly killing it but, unless it or any other living creature is willing to chip in for rent and other household expenses, we have no vacancies! Your Erica, E- Out!


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