Knock, Knock…

19 Oct

Day 284


Hey Elle, Who is it? Ellen? Ellen? I hope so!!!! My spin on your COVERGIRL ads…you and Brad Pitt should do some together) It’s about frick’n time! Ellen, I watched with delight and anticipation as you called the viewer in Texas and Jeannie surprised her with tickets and trip to CA…OH, and a $5000 JCP gift card. Yeah, I am still waiting for my $100 JCP card but, ANYWAY. I am hoping you are going to come knocking ON MY DOOR one day. Why? Just because: I love you, I’v have been writing you for 284 days, you inspire me and basically, I would do most anything for you (WITHIN REASON AND FOR A LAUGH). And, I will negotiate with you as I have in the past (me giving birth on the show is still on the table), I will let you put me (a 7 month pregnant woman) in your splash tank for Breast Cancer! Think about it… And kudos for breaking the record for number of hunks splashed in a tank at one time! Your Erica, E- Out!


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