18 Oct

Day 283



Hey Elle, today’s show was about real people. I liked the cute family with the dancing child, to the viewer you sent through your haunted hallway (yes, I got it; sponsored by Michael’s) to Mathew Fox talking about his DUI. Thanks for keeping it “real.”  All these people were just doing what they do. We need to take note that “doing your own thing” may not always be what’s best for society, may not be the best situation for you and/or your family (but may be out of your control) and it just may be the funniest thing you’ve ever seen. All of reality, in life and “reality” on TV  -Is what it Is -…so let’s make the most of it, accept it, help when you can and always show kindness to lead us to the positive. Right Elle? Oh, so Elle… Get REAL and CALL ME ALREADY! REAL -ly, it’s been 283 days; come on!!! Your Erica, E-Out!


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